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 Post subject: In a Nutshell FAQ [Updated 24/7/15] [CofCdt/FAQ]
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In a Nutshell.

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In a Nutshell, what is this publication?

In a Nutshell is a new magazine series that will be published on this forum and this forum only. We try to produce one article a month.

What is In a Nutshell for?

In a Nutshell provides writers with an avenue to experiment with writing styles and develop skills in fields of military history interesting to them or relevant to their studies. The idea is for a fun, educating, yet interesting series of articles which should be entertaining and rewarding to reader and writer alike.

What will it cover?

In a Nutshell will try to briefly cover interesting aspects of military history, military misconceptions, and other military history topics. We hope to give enough information to encourage further research.

Works posted here tend to be easier reads, dealing with narrative.

Can I write for In a Nutshell?

Yes, provided you a) ask us, b) keep to our format, and c) post something interesting and that has not been done before.

Ask us in the submissions thread or by PM.

We will edit your piece before publication. You will keep all credit for pieces authored by you.

Do not plagiarise, but do not feel the need to reference, a bibliography is enough.

Try to write about a topic that has not been covered by In a Nutshell before.

Why do we have to ask to post a topic here and not in the journal?

Partly because of the vast and varying nature of the content posted/discussed here and the variance, and partly because we want to ensure that all articles are presented as best as they can be and have relevant, well positioned images, credits, and captions - things that will usually not apply in the professional works posted in the journal.

If an article here is part of a series of articles, ie, commemorative, we might do something special like add a banner.

Without due reason, we will never refuse a submission, even if your article is littered with special and grammar mistakes. The editors are here to help you develop your skills and get your article looking and reading as best as it can be.

We will never shorten, censor, or alter your article (other than typos, adding images, etc) without good reason, and we are happy to discuss these with you in private.

What does In a Nutshell cover?

Absolutely anything and everything related to military history. If you want to write something new and revolutionary, feel free, controversial? You are most welcome. As long as you can support your findings in your article, delicate topics are handled tastefully and with tact, and any kind of pointed, edgy humour is obvious, the editors will likely allow it.

Constructing articles.

Writers will be approved by the Editor(s), should they wish to be, they will then be granted access to a secret part of the forum* specifically for building articles and gathering feedback from other writers and editors.

Alternatively, an article can be emailed to one of us (contact us with a PM and we will work things out from there).

*Writers who wish to write one article, and one article only, may find that they lose access to this section once their article is published and no further edits are required - the article will still be published in their name.

How do I write for In a Nutshell

Message an editor with your request or post in the submissions/ideas thread. Outlining that you have read and understood this FAQ and Code of Conduct. Include a working title for your article.

How do I begin to construct an article?

Unless you are going to write an article in one sitting, it is best to work on your article in your chosen word processing programme (or in a thread in the secret draft section if you have access). Upon completing your article, run it by an editor and we will work with you on its publication in the magazine.

Editors will rarely put a stop to any article idea, but we reserve the right to review titles and plans. You need not wait for our approval to continue writing, but you cannot publish without an editor granting permission.

Provided your follow this Code of Conduct, there will rarely be an issue.

Code of conduct, for writers and editors

Writers will:
Self edit wherever possible.
Handle sensitive topics with the appropriate tact.
When using images, quotes, or statements which hold some kind of shock value MUST be placed within spoiler tags with a CLEAR warning to the reader.
When quoting ensure quotes are attributed to a source.
Ensure all humour used is obvious humour, even if edgy*

*Bad language policy: Up to the individual writer. Generally allowed, but use with discretion. Writers may wish to tone down language, or use characters in place of letters.

Editors will:
Not remove content unless it violates writers conduct.
Not edit content (bar spelling and grammar) without due reason.
All edits must be discussed with the writer.

Historian, Journalist, Feature Writer, and Editor.
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