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Welcome to Campaigning Through Time, a ‘historum’ for the discussion of military history and the archiving of current events and commemoration. As founders, our goals were to create a community that would last, that would pride itself on purposeful discussion and relaxed moderation, and would ultimately nurture and encourage interest in military history. Working with the University of Kent's Military History Society and their network of students and alumni, we hope to extend military history to all who wish to learn more. All are welcome!

If you are new to our site, have a look at our rules and FAQ, browse our upcoming events, get help with coursework, check out our magazine, peruse our archive, or simply have some fun!

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 Forum Rules [Updated 15/1/15] 
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 Post subject: Forum Rules [Updated 15/1/15]
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Campaigning Through Time: Rules & Guidelines

15th January 2015

This website, now known as Campaigning Through Time, or by its old name, UKC Military History Society, thereafter known as "forum" or "site" for short, is a fantastic resource and venue to research and to discuss significant events and influential people in military history and its associated fields.

If you haven't done so already, please register with us for a free account. The registration process is simple and requires no administrative authentication. By registering, you will be able to access additional content and features including the ability to post create threads, and interact with other users.

Please review the following Rules and Guidelines which have been designed to help ensure that everybody can enjoy a good experience in an informative and friendly environment, gain as much as they wish to from this forum, and freely contribute to the site for the benefit of everyone involved.

By using the site, you agree to these Rules and Guidelines. However, we (the administrators) reserve the right to update or amended this information at any time.

Forum How to/Help: what-is-this-forum-help-with-posting-guide-t2370.html

The Golden Rule

Please always be respectful of our site and of its users - including the moderators and administrators. This forum was created to offer a dynamic, evolving, fun, and leisurely way for people to learn, debate, and write and we ask that all users allow all other users to fulfil that aim.


Please create your threads or post your responses/questions in the correct and appropriate place.

We understand that our search function is not fantastic, but please try to check before you create a thread that no active topic exists concerning the same subject. Give your topics a descriptive title, write a coherent message, and please do so in a format that is easy for others to read.

The main language on this forum is English, for the benefit of everyone all content must be written in the English language or include an English language translation.

Please do not post the same message in multiple places.

This is not a political or religiously focused forum, however we understand that in the vast field of military history that these often overlap and such overlaps are unavoidable. In such cases, please ensure that political and religiously focused content is relevant to both the topic being discussed and to military history. This is not the place to lobby for a particular political or religious cause and we reserve the right to remove such content.

Despite this, we do not aim to suppress our users political and/or religious views, this also goes for opinions regarding divisive historical issues we endeavour to create a tolerant and friendly environment. We understand that some topics and circumstances, especially regarding current affairs, can be a taboo or raw matter to at least some users some of the time. But provided everyone is tolerant, relevant, clear, then any nastiness can be avoided.

If you have a complaint against a particular post or thread, report it by pressing the ! button in the top right of the message.

You are responsible for the content you post. This is a public forum, treat it as if you are speaking in a crowded room.

Administrators and Moderators are volunteers who will respond as quickly as they are able to when made aware of any complaints.

For more information about how to use the forum, please see here.

Post Quality

While we understand that our users come from a wide range of countries, some of which where English is not the main spoken language, have a wide range of views, are a wide variety of ages, and have all reached different levels of education, we still expect users to exercise their best judgement whenever posting.

You may not deliberately post any material which is defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or is in violation of any law, or these Rules and Guidelines.

We do not enforce a no profanity rule, although we encourage that profanity is used sparingly and is milder.

You may not, without permission from an Administrator, use your account for recruitment to any cause whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to:

Fund-raising for charity or otherwise (unless it is a society run event).
Advertising (unless it is a society run event).
Deliberately luring our users to harmful websites.
Deliberately luring our users to websites in competition with us (although we allow a link to safe, relevant, and/or personal website in your signature).
Deliberately luring our users to any other call to action, especially political or religious causes.

Editing Posts

We reserve the right to edit, move, or delete any posted content in any section of this site. However, we will make our best effort to protect your privacy and respect the integrity of your posts.

When editing your posts yourself, it is polite and courteous to note the reason for editing if you do more than change spelling and grammar.

When quoting another member, do not edit their text, be it to 'make a point', to be sarcastic, or to be humorous.

Intellectual Property

Please respect the intellectual property of others, you will note that any content on this forum that is not our own has been credited and linked to its source/owner and we ask you to do the same. Please keep any quotes of third party content as short as possible and provide proper attribution to the source.

Images and film must, where possible, be properly attributed. Please try to avoid 'hot-linking'.

About Moderators

Moderators are users who contribute their time to keep the forum a safe and friendly place that is conducive to discussion.

They help users with the website and enforce these Rules and Guidelines. Please cooperate with them.

Moderators and administrators may send private messages to users who have run afoul of the Rules and Guidelines. If you have received such a message, please read it, take the steps indicated if any, and move on.

Comments posted by moderators (and all other users) do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this site or its owner.

Feedback about moderator or administrator actions are welcome and should be sent via the contact form or the private message system.

Violations/Rule breaking

We would prefer not to block any user's access to the site but we can and will do so if necessary. If we believe, in our sole discretion, that your conduct or your user content violates or is inconsistent with these Rules and Guidelines, or the law, then we may terminate your access to the site or exercise any other remedy available - including, if necessary, contacting the relevant and proper authorities.


Your account is for your personal use only and may not be used by any other person. Please do not share your password with anyone.

You may, if desired, establish and use more than one account. However, only one account may be used per email, and the link/connection between each account must be clearly made known - i.e., in your signature.

You may not use multiple accounts to rig polls or artificially simulate discussion or to contribute to our many forum games.


A signature is a block of text or image which is automatically appended to the bottom of your posts. Signatures may be used to "sign" your name or user name.

Signatures are subject to the same conditions as other posts as well as the following additional conditions:

Signatures may not be excessively large.
Signatures must not contain flashing or shock images.
All common sense rules apply.

So, thanks for reading, and welcome!

Historian, Journalist, Feature Writer, and Editor.
Society Chairman/Advisor 2013-2016, Society President 2012-2013, Society Vice President 2010-2012, Administrator 2011-

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