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 Post subject: What is this? [24/7/15]
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Campaigning Through Time Journal: What is this?

As part of the second stage of the forum restructure, the moderators and administrators decided to redevelop some sections of the forum to fit the sites new, more general, purpose.

The former essay bank has now become our journal, and is part of the In A Nutshell Magazine and bound by the same rules.

What is the difference?

The 'Campaigning Through Time Journal' may be part of the general magazine, but there are some distinctive differences in the content posted here. In A Nutshell is generally for fun articles or articles intended to commemorate or convoy the narrative regarding a certain event, it is tailored more to the casual reader and those in the mood to write something simpler and more straightforward.

On the other hand, the journal is tailored more towards serious academic discussions. The articles posted here will be more academic in nature.

We expect a bibliography to be included at the end of a piece here, and ideally some form of referencing (Endnotes or Harvard for ease). While we understand that our readers and writers each have difference levels of interest and skill, we wish all contributors whether writing or commenting to really engage with the chosen argument.

Tips & Guidance

Articles here, rather than explaining the narrative, should be more focused on analysis and engagement with primary and secondary sources.

We would recommend that no article submitted here be less than 3,000 words, to allow the contributor to truly get to grips with their argument and to fully engage with their sources.

This website is managed by a professional magazine editor and trained historian, and all our moderators are also trained historians. We are all happy to answer any of your queries and assist in your writing. Just post below.

I'm from the University of Kent/another university, can I post my essays here?

Yes, we are more than happy for you to post your essay so long as they have been marked and you have received your grade as you do not want to end up plagiarising yourself!

Be prepared to defend/develop your stance and argument as historians tend not to hold back with either their appreciation or criticism. It is not personal and just because someone disagrees with you does not mean you are wrong in your argument, this is history after all!

From our point of view, a collection of marked essays only adds to the strength of our website, so put them up to your hearts content.

Plagiarism concerns?

Essays and other works are posted here for your enjoyment, guidance and discussion purposes. DO NOT attempt to plagiarise/copy any of the works seen on this forum. We know that the University of Kent is aware of this resource and programmes such as Turnitin WILL pick up anything copied from here.

By all means, discuss a similar topic in a relevant thread, by all means, develop ideas and arguments from the content posted here, by all means get a feel for the source matter and historiography developed in the works posted here, but DO NOT plagiarise.

As an extra reason not to plagiarise, only some of the works here have been graded, and even those that have been are not usually posted with their marks - this is done to minimise risk of plagiarism. You can't be sure whether an essay here is was graded a first or a third or even a fail. Even if an author has posted their mark, consider that they may have falsified it before copying it.

To avoid accidentally dropping someone else into plagiarism woes, only post your own content here.

Enjoy, fellow historians!

Historian, Journalist, Feature Writer, and Editor.
Society Chairman/Advisor 2013-, Society President 2012-2013, Society Vice President 2010-2012, Archive/Forum Administrator 2011-

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